At Core Contractors, we extend our motto of “doing it right matters” beyond our roofing services and into community resources. Our company feels it is important to be involved in and to give back to the neighborhoods we live and work in, so we give all employees a paid day off each quarter to go out and volunteer around town.

We strongly believe all the groups and organizations we have associated with over our years of work have helped shape our company, so we are honored to repay the positive impact and proud of the volunteer efforts that our employees put forth in Denver area communities.

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Below are a few of the non-profits our team members have chosen to become involved with over the years. We are excited to continue this endeavor of civic engagement for years to come, helping our community grow stronger and more vibrant.

Andrew Schmidt – 9NEWS Leader of the Year Finalist

9NEWS & the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation select three finalists each year for their involvement in giving back to the community and fostering a movement of inclusivity. Andrew Schmidt, Founding Partner of Core Contractors, Roofing Systems, was named one of these finalists. This prestigious recognition is an honor not only for Andrew, but for Core Contractors as a company. We are thrilled and very proud of Andrew for this achievement and are excited to mirror his community involvement on a company level.

Below is Andrew’s feature as a 9NEWS Leader of the Year Finalist:

Andrew’s efforts have inspired an employee driven civic engagement program as part of our company culture over the past two years. We’ve set goals for each team member to volunteer for at least eight hours per quarter with a non-profit of their choosing. Whether it is group or individually activity, we encourage our team members to take a paid day off from Core to engage with a non-profit that they feel passionate about.

Meet the overall winner of the 9NEWS Leader of the Year, Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler, chief catalyst and founder of The Equity Project and founder of the HR Shop:

Core Contractors Wins 3rd Place for CNA/NRCA’s National Community Involvement Award

Core Contractors Wins 3rd Place for CNA/NRCA’s National Community Involvement Award

CNA and National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) are working together to honor charitable works by NRCA contractor members through the CNA/NRCA Community Involvement Award. Each year the organizations carefully select a roofing company to receive this award as well as a monetary gift toward the charity they’ve worked with.

This year, Core Contractors, Roofing Systems is proud to be the 2019 third-place winner for its work with The Other Side Academy, a training school that teaches pro-social, vocational and life skills. It is available as an alternative for individuals facing long-term incarceration and those seeking change from the life they chose in the past. Core Contractors co-founder, Andrew Schmidt, spearheaded an effort that raised over $2.5 million dollars to help fund TOSA Denver. CNA awarded Core Contractors with $2,500 for TOSA and members of Core accepted the award this week at the International Roofing Expo in Nashville, TN.

Core Contractors is proud to be the recipient of the CNA/NRCA Community Involvement Award and looks forward to another year of impactful service and leadership in the Greater Denver area. Visit Core’sCivic Engagement page to explore the ways that Core Contractors is making a difference.

Read more here about all of the 2019 winners and the positive impact they are making on their communities.

How Community Involvement Can Benefit Your Company

When we say “Doing it Right Matters,” we mean in roofing, business practice, and in serving the community around us. Core Contractors feels that it is important to be involved in, and give back to, the communities we live in. Each person or group we have been associated with has helped shape who we are as individuals as well as who we are as a company. Here at Core, each team member is encouraged to choose a non-profit of his or her choice and give back by volunteering a paid work day each quarter.

Are you wondering how to implement a community involvement program in your company or why it’s important? As a company, and as individuals, you’ll need a “why”. If money isn’t the motivator, you need other factors to keep yourselves happy and engaged as volunteers. Here are some factors you’ll want to consider as you explore the idea or begin to motivate your team toward the goal.

Find a cause or group of people that you care about, make it personal.
Let each individual choose their own non-profit. A cause that has meaning to one person, may not have meaning to another. Share stories and listen, be vulnerable. Perhaps someone has a loved one diagnosed with cancer, or a brother struggling with addiction, or a passion for seeing young people graduate, or for encouraging literacy in at risk youth. Use it as an opportunity to get to know your team outside of their daily roles at work.

Utilize underdeveloped skills and learn new ones.
Sure, volunteerism often involves a form of self-sacrifice, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also have tangible benefits. Encourage team members to do a personal inventory of their strengths or potential areas of growth and find an organization where they can further develop both.

Build empathy, become a healthier team.
Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes doesn’t just sound nice, studies show that empathy actually improves our health. First, it connects us to others in deep and meaningful ways which boosts mental health and results in happier employees with higher productivity. Second, empathy promotes abilities that help us handle stress. Emotion regulation is the ability to take in the experiences of others without being overwhelmed. This skill is imperative to de-stressing ourselves and to relating to others, inside and outside of work, in positive ways.

Change someone’s life, change your own.
We all know that even the smallest act of kindness can change the entire trajectory of someone’s life. However, we often underestimate how much it can change our own. If you’re looking for ways to spark more joy and meaning in your life or company culture, the best way to find it is to focus on implanting joy into someone else’s story.

Find the perfect volunteer opportunity for your company at Choose between 29 different volunteer fields ranging from literacy mentoring, homelessness/food banks, animals, children/youth, and technology. The site even allows you to pick between options for on location or virtual volunteering.

Below are a few of the non-profits our team members have chosen to be a part of. We are excited to continue this endeavor for years to come.

Core Contractors Field Manager Wins National MVP Award

A Core Contractor’s Field Manager, Alan Baird, was selected as the Best of the Best at the recent International Roofing Expo in New Orleans. As one of five national finalists, Alan was selected as the overall winner of the NRCA’s “The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress MVP Award.”

We couldn’t be more proud of Alan’s accomplishment and are very proud of this honor. Alan is a shining example of the kind of employees we strive to hire, retain and recognize here at Core.

The MVP Awards program and the Best of the Best Award special category recognize and honor outstanding roofing workers from various U.S. regions. The Best of the Best Award is sponsored by Professional Roofing and OMG Roofing Products Inc., Agawam, Mass. Winners for both awards are chosen based on their significant contributions to one or more of the following areas: outstanding on-the-job performance; attracting new roofing workers and helping retain existing ones; contributions to a team effort; community service and volunteerism; and other noteworthy contributions and activities. Award winners are chosen by a panel of roofing industry representatives.

Above is a video of Alan accepting the MVP Award earlier this month in New Orleans.


Denver, Co – Core Contractors, Roofing Systems has been named an honoree of The Civic 50 Colorado by CSR Solutions of Colorado and Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service.

The award recognizes Core Contractors, Roofing Systems as one of the 50 most community-minded companies in Colorado determined by an independently administered and scored survey. The Civic 50 Colorado awards, modeled after Points of Light’s national program, provides a standard for superior corporate citizenship and showcases how companies can use their time, skills and resources to impact their communities.

The Civic 50 Colorado honorees were recognized during The Civic 50 Colorado Awards on September 19, 2019.

“At Core Contractors, we extend our motto of “Doing it Right Matters” beyond our roofing services and into community resources. Our company feels it is important to be involved in and to give back to the neighborhoods we live and work in, so we give all employees a paid day off each quarter to go out and volunteer around town.

We strongly believe all the groups and organizations we have associated with over our years of work have helped shape our company, so we are honored to repay the positive impact and proud of the volunteer efforts that our employees put forth in Denver area communities.”

CSR Solutions, a leader in community engagement and philanthropy, is pleased to be the first in the country to bring the nationally revered Civic 50 Awards to Colorado. Colorado companies have invested significant resources in our communities to build a strong, resilient, connected and healthy place for us all. The impact stories will inspire us all to support their efforts. 

The Civic 50 Colorado survey is administered by True Impact, a company specializing in helping organizations maximize and measure their social and business value. The survey instrument consists of quantitative and multiple-choice questions that inform scoring process and is the only evaluation that exclusively measures corporate involvement in communities.

For more information about The Civic 50 Colorado and this year’s honorees, visit:

CSR Solutions of Colorado



Core Contractors Replaces a Roof for a Family in Need for Neighborhood Rehab Project

Core Contractors participated in the “Be a Tool” day in Golden on September 7th and helped an elderly woman in need who had been sleeping on her couch the past three years because her bedroom was uninhabitable due to water leaking in for years. Core was able to get nearly $5,000 of materials donated from Beacon Roofing Supply in order to accomplish the roof replacement. We are happy to know that she can now sleep peacefully in the comfort of her own bedroom.

To learn more about The Neighborhood Rehab Project, click here.


As a professionally trained disaster relief expert and part of NECHAMA (meaning “comfort” in Hebrew), Core Contractors’ own Amanda Trontell recently donated her time to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

Amanda has assisted in disaster relief aid for heavy flooding, hurricanes and tornados all across the country. Since 2010, Amanda has donated her time and expertise in Detroit, St. Louis (twice), Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, North Dakota as well Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina.

Amanda’s main responsibilities were to train volunteers from the University of Michigan over a five-day period. Her training included helping those whose homes were flooded by installing insulation, repairing and replacing drywall through to finished paint. Amanda lead a team of thirteen volunteers but her main initiative was to train two of these volunteers to become team leaders on their own for future disaster relief aid.

NECHAMA operates under the philosophy of helping repair the world through acts of kindness and Amanda demonstrates these attributes on a regular basis. Her passion for helping others resulted in taking five days of unpaid time off from Core, with the exception of one day because Core encourages employees to take a paid day each quarter to volunteer for a non-profit of their choosing. Amanda’s commitment to helping others is a shining example of the type of people we aspire to hire within Core’s organization.

Her personal values, actions and diligence are direct reflections of the culture in which Core Contractors strives for when building a solid team. We are proud to call Amanda a Core Contractors teammate and are even more proud of her selfless acts in helping those in need. For more information on NECHAMA, please visit their website:

Baird Survival Bags

The Baird Survival Bag was kick started in November 2016 to help out a homeless man named Terry. A 35 year old man who stood by the entrance of a 7-Eleven during the coldest days of winter opening doors for customers asking if he could have a warm cup of coffee. Always polite and had a big smile on his face. Alan Baird, our co-worker, wanted to help him get back on his feet and get him back onto the road of success. That’s when the Baird Survival Bag was created.

With a goal of 10 bags, or $350, Alan was able to raise over $5000 through a Go Fund Me page set up for him by another co-worker. We were able to collect, build and deliver 100 Baird Survival Bags for the homeless right before Christmas in 2017.

A couple local news stations showed up to film some pieces. You can see the stories below:
Channel 9 Story Here:
Channel 7 Story Here:

You can learn more and donate here:

TOSA - The Other Side Academy

The Other Side Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, social enterprise modeled after the Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco. Repeat criminals and chronic substance abusers, many of whom experience homelessness, can change their lives, free of charge, in a two-year, residential, non-clinical, work-oriented environment.

The Other Side Academy functions as a school where students learn vocational, pro-social, and life skills so they can succeed on “the other side” of addiction and criminal behavior.

To learn more about The Other Side Academy, click here.

Neighborhood Rehab Project

Core Contractors participated in the Neighborhood Rehab Project’s annual “Be a Tool” volunteer day. Core Contractors employees tore off a hail damaged low slope roof in Golden, CO and replaced it with self-adhering rolled rubber roofing. It took us all day, but it felt like quite an accomplishment considering the size of the roof we replaced. Most importantly, we were able to help a family in need who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford a new roof.

To learn more about The Neighborhood Rehab Project, click here.

Cecil Brown Project

When Cecil’s mother passed away, his former co-worker, Lindsay Hill, was informed that some people in his life were attempting to take exploit him. Cecil suffers from Klinefelter’s syndrome and has developmental disabilities. They tried to prove he couldn’t make his own decisions so they could take his home and the few possessions that his mother had left him. Lindsay stepped in and contacted adult protective services and stopped these people just in time.

When Lindsay first got involved, she was shocked. His home had been infested with bed bugs for several years, he’d been sleeping on a hard wood floor and had very little food in his refrigerator.

She’s gained support from Comprehensive Community Based Services, Rocky Mountain Human Services, Advocacy Denver, Adult Protective Services, Cecil’s co-workers and church, but his funds are extremely limited and that’s when she reached out to the community.

Core Contractors caught wind of this story on FOX 31, and reached out to Lindsay. Core employees donated their time by replacing his entire gutter system which was in shambles, facia, downspouts, replaced some broken shingles, pipe boots, cleaned up and removed a number of piles of dead bushes and built him two planter boxes so he had a sustainable food source.

See Cecil’s story here:

Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain - Finance Park

Core Contractors has frequently volunteered at Junior Achievement’s Finance Park over the past few years. This program helps junior and high school students from around the state to learn how to budget for the real world.

They are given a fictitious identity with a job title, salary and family status and then have to learn to navigate the real work by applying for a home and car loan, budgeting for groceries, car payments, insurance, clothing and so forth. Each Core employee helps with guidance by providing real life examples and lessons learned as we had navigated our own adulthood.

To learn more about Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain, click here.

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