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We operate under the belief that a company is made up of individuals united by a common purpose. Everybody at Core is committed to community engagement, unparalleled service, and the philosophy that is our purpose statement, “Doing it Right Matters™.” Our job is to help each member of our team operate within their strengths in order to grow a community of leaders.

James Horning

Finance Controller

Tomas Wolfram


Andrew Schmidt

Managing Partner

Roxanne Nuñez

Accounts Receivable Representative

Kyle Joyner

Director of Operations

Tre Rudig

Marketing Director

Ashley Karros

Business Development Manager

Will Cunningham

Office Manager

Steve Rodelli

Commercial Production Manager

Jerry Beeman

Project Manager

Paul Story

Field Service Technician

Yisa Kennedy

Roofing Coordinator

Jayden Shaull

Ladder & Permit Coordinator

Jack Wingrove

Administrative Coordinator

Sam Schmidt

Administrative Coordinator

Account Managers

Our Account Managers are experts in performing roof service inspections and identifying damage caused by hail and wind as well as differentiating between storm damage and normal wear and tear. Our Account Managers understand navigating the insurance process and have a high level of understanding of materials to recommend and provide the best roofing system. All of their actions are guided by our motto of "Doing It Right, Matters"

Support Team

Murphy Kennedy

Mocha Wolfram

Hank Katz

Monday Cunningham

Findley Bustos

Ash Bustos

Roper Nelson

Chauncey Karros

Toby Leibrock

Thresher Marsh

Sully Schmidt

Roper Nelson

Ozzy Joyner

Mako Marsh

Lander, Cheyenne & Boysen Rudig

Kai Nunez

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We are a full-service roofing company that has performed repairs and replacements atop the roofs of homes and businesses in Denver and beyond since 2001. Contact us now about any roofing work you need done at your property!

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