Andrew Schmidt, Announced as a 2019 9NEWS Leader of the Year Finalist

Photo courtesy of Denver Leadership Foundation: Since 1999, 9NEWS has recognized outstanding leaders in the community. Partnered with the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, the alliance has been honoring exceptional leaders who are transforming their communities for good. Core Roofing + Solar is proud to announce that one of our founding partners, Andrew Schmidt, has […]

How Community Involvement Can Benefit Your Company

When we say “Doing it Right Matters,” we mean in roofing, business practice, and in serving the community around us. Core Roofing + Solar feels that it is important to be involved in, and give back to, the communities we live in. Each person or group we have been associated with has helped shape who […]

Mini Success Story #3

Meet Chad L. He needed a Roof Replacement and the insurance company would not pay for the Impact Resistant shingle even though it’s what he had on his roof. Core spent months working with the insurance company until they finally approved the shingle he had. Core put an Impact Resistant shingle on Chad’s roof and now […]

Success Story #1 – Roof Replacement

Meet Begona A., who needed a Roof Replacement. Her insurance company was only covering the front, right and left elevations of her roof. Core provided detailed damage photos with a full reroof estimate and requested another adjuster to come out and look at the roof. Core was able to get her entire roofing system replaced […]

4 Essential Roofing Maintenance Tips for Winter

As Winter lags on, the dropping temperatures can result in extra wear and tear on your roof. It’s important that property managers and homeowners know how to properly maintain their roofing systems. Use this checklist to ward off winter roofing damage and safeguard its longevity. Check Your Ventilation System Throughout the Winter Poor ventilation and […]

Understanding the Roofing Process When a Home is For Sale

With so many players involved, the sale of a home can feel complex and confusing. Add to that, an inspector or buyer who wants you to replace the roof before closing and you may be left scratching your head trying to understand the process. Here is a cheat sheet that explains the roofing process when […]

4 Roofing Maintenance Tips for Property Managers and Landlords

For commercial properties, the roof can be one of the largest financial investments made; however, it can also easily become one of the most neglected parts of any building. Regular maintenance and oversight can be the most important safeguard against structural decay and extreme weather damage. As a property manager, it is your responsibility to maintain […]

For Property Management: A Case Study on a Low Slope Commercial Insurance Claim

Scenario: In April, the front range of Colorado experienced a severe wind storm causing damage to hundreds of properties. Winds reached 86 mph in certain areas and peeled back the existing roofing membrane of a large auto mechanic’s low slope roof in Westminster. This exposed the interior to an extensive amount of potential damage. Emergency […]

Follow the Three C’s When Choosing a New Roof for Your Home

Would you limit yourself to a single haircut, car or restaurant for the next 20-30 years? Chances are, no way. Think of how long roofs last when replaced and the commitment of that decision. It’s a product that is not going to need changing up every few years so when making a buying decision, make […]