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Core Roofing + Solar’ Best Practices in Commercial Roofing

Over the years, Core Roofing + Solar has developed best practices to ensure optimal efficiency of all commercial roofing jobs. We recommend that all commercial building owners and facility managers ask their roofing contractors to:

  • Provide the project manager a step-by-step overview of start and end dates
  • Provide a list of the personnel who will be on the job daily
  • Provide start and quit times
  • During inclement weather, check the job site for leaks or problems caused by high winds
  • Provide a list of contact names and phone numbers in case of an after-hours emergency
  • Identify the main contact person for questions
  • List which procedures will directly impact the building owner’s operations and when in the job they will occur
  • Hold weekly briefings with the building owner and roofing contractor’s representative to check progress and identify upcoming issues

By implementing these best practices for each of our commercial roofing projects, we are able to quickly identify any sources of potential operational friction and devise solutions to make the job run smoothly. For example, we are able to adjust our roofing schedule to accommodate a specific manufacturing line so that it would not shut down for several days, and we can install additional interior protection over sensitive areas where any dust or debris cannot enter the area below a roof.

Core Roofing + Solar has been a leading provider of innovative commercial and industrial roofing solutions in Colorado. We provide commercial service repair, roof life extension maintenance and full roof replacement to serve companies of all sizes in Colorado and the surrounding region, offering a combination of technical expertise, custom solutions and quality workmanship to every project.

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