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Check Out This Commercial Case Study: Problem & Solution

Core Roofing + Solar is an industry-leading commercial and residential roofing contractor. Since 2001, we have delivered comprehensive roofing solutions to customers throughout the Denver area. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best customer service available.

A commercial client needed to reroof four fully occupied, multifamily high-rise buildings downtown. However, there were concerns over resident safety, limited parking, and access. In order to complete this project successfully, this client needed a partner that could keep the project within budget and could navigate the worksite with active residents, limited parking, and associated challenges.

When Core Roofing + Solar was contacted, we provided the client with an estimate for the work that needed to be done. Our team then quickly got to work, providing constant project communication to their ownership team. With resident safety as our highest priority, we were able to seamlessly integrate the staging and reroofing process without interrupting residential activity.

Despite some unforeseen conditions and adjustments to the scope of work that needed to be done, Core was able to complete the reroof project. Not only was the project completed, but we also managed to keep it under budget. The client was ecstatic with the results we were able to provide, and residential living and activity were unaffected throughout the entire process.

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