For Property Management: A Case Study on a Low Slope Commercial Insurance Claim


In April, the front range of Colorado experienced a severe wind storm causing damage to hundreds of properties. Winds reached 86 mph in certain areas and peeled back the existing roofing membrane of a large auto mechanic’s low slope roof in Westminster. This exposed the interior to an extensive amount of potential damage. Emergency repairs were needed to temporarily seal the roof.

Mike, the owner, reached out to his insurance agent for assistance, as the contractors had already been extremely busy and this wind storm made it difficult to attract immediate response from overwhelmed roofers.   Core was referred and was able to complete the temporary repair within one day. The solution was complex and required piecemealing together a number of different roofing systems and membranes at a cost of over $26,000.




The property owner filed a claim with the carrier and an inspector was assigned to the project. The adjuster approved the temporary repair, however determined that the repair was sufficient and that a full permanent replacement was not required.

For Core, “Doing It Right Matters,” means installing a roofing system that not only it meets city code requirements but also putting the customer back in the position of having a functioning long-term protection system.

Core provided professional opinions and quite a bit of technical and industry support to show that the temporary repair was not an acceptable solution long term. The exchanges and differences of opinion did not appear to be reaching a resolution even after two months of communications and technical support.








Core Contractors decided that a unique strategy was necessary to move the process forward and satisfy the property owner’s needs. As such, Core filed for a permit inspection with the city knowing the repair would not be able to satisfy stringent city code standards for a permanent roofing system. Once the head inspector reviewed the roof repairs, he did indeed fail the roof and issued a full replacement as the only option. Core’s inside estimating team then worked with the property owner’s carrier to provide an estimate to replace the roof and bring it up to code.

At this point, the carrier has agreed to the terms of the cost for the full replacement and this auto mechanic’s shop will be scheduled for a full roof replacement by mid-October.

In the end, Core Contractors three unique differential factors, Our Purpose, People and Performance led the way to help out the insured and uphold the reputation of the agency that recommended Core. Instead of the continued frustration and time, a creative solution is resulting in the speedy replacement of this customer’s weather damaged property.

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